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January 16 - April 16, 2023
Main Gallery: 
RMQM Presents Recent Acquisitions in the Permanent Collection
The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum will be exhibiting some of its latest additions to the permanent collection.

Northeast Gallery:
Art Quilters with Altitude |
Elevated Threads

BLUE. 2020 was full of it.

Whether it came from our mood, the faint glow of the electronic devices that we found ourselves staring at in order to connect, or the glorious sky that forced us to look up while we breathed in the healthy air, blue enveloped us.

The Art Quilters with Altitude presents a group exhibit entitled Elevated Threads
as a way to ponder how our art helped us redirect our focus and elevated our sense of joy.

We left the “blues” behind as we played with color in our studios.
We embraced the “blue glow” and the available technology in order to still see each other,
and we took every opportunity to gaze at the rich, blue sky to remind us that some things still stay the same.

It is our hope that these pieces of art will cause you to stop and reflect on how blue affected you in 2020 and how you embraced it.


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