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LEATHER & LACE by Cathe Holden

in her journey). When creating these fabric collages Cathe enjoys contrasting the masculine and feminine, the hard and
so, and artfully placed an industrial pin next to pretty little
birds, and a label’s sturdy typography next to curvilinear roses.
Healing Creatively
Working on this collection (and others) during her treatment and
ongoing recovery provided Cathe with a much-needed escape from
the world of chemo and radiation. “Being able to do that made me
feel grounded and more like myself,” she says. “It was everything.”
Along with the energy provided by her creative work, Cathe
gathered strength from the online world. “It made me feel
like I had a purpose—to inspire, share, and dialogue with
others.” Aer she shared how she discovered her cancer,
Instagram followers reported getting their own check-
ups. “If you have a platform, it would seem a shame not
to try and help someone.”
at communication was denitely a two-way street
and she fully appreciated the heart emojis and words of
encouragement that lled her feed. “In these tough times, in
this tough world, you have no idea how lovely people are and
that helped me a lot,” says Cathe. Along with the signicant challenges
posed, Cathe cites the positives that came with breast cancer—the people like
her oncology nurses that she grew attached to, and the kindness, love, and support
she felt from her Moda family that meant the world to her. e experience also taught her about
items that bring comfort to breast cancer patients, like heart-shaped pillows that alleviate post-
surgical discomfort, and she worked with Moda to provide patterns and avenues for sharing them
with hospitals and clinics. ese appeal to Cathe’s love of small projects and her desire to give back.
For Cathe, Leather & Lace and Amazing Grace is akin to a visual journal. “Cancer isn’t my identity,
it’s just my experience and Leather & Lace and Amazing Grace reects that,” she says. “It’s lled with
many blessings.”
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