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Lectures & Trunk Shows

Lectures & Trunk Shows
A museum educator brings a show of quilts and tailors the program of your choice to suit the needs of your group.
Fee: $150 plus mileage (lodging fee for overnight stays if necessary).

Behind the Scenes at the Museum
Look into the history, mission, and collection of The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and the Sandra Dallas Library. We'll discuss Eugenia Mitchell's original donation of 101 quilts to establish the museum and much more.

Crazy Quilts: The Pride of Victorian Womanhood
Victorian women liked to show off their handwork skills and they did that by making crazy quilts. Unlike the previous generation—women who made quilts for warmth and utility—Victorians made quilts that only had to be beautiful. As women of leisure, they had time to study art and fancy needlework, and they used this new quilt style to demonstrate their skills.  Learn about symbolism and the language of flowers contained in most crazy quilts. Several great examples of Crazy Quilts are shown from the museum’s Educational Collection.

Quilt Care and Restoration
Learn about caring for antique quilts from grandmas or your own not-so-antiques. The presenter guides you step-by-step through proper care and cleaning of quilts and textiles. Understand storage practices and find out how to creatively and effectively display quilts in your home.

Quilts of the 1930s: The Depression Era
nsight into the revival of quiltmaking during tough times. Women bought inexpensive, cheerful prints, and they saved, traded, and used every scrap. Rural women used feed sacks which were printed with pretty designs which were company marketing tools. Learn about fabrics and prints and how to recognize a 1930's quilt. Get up close and personal with 30 quilts from the museum’s Education Collection. Presentation is 45 minutes to an hour and is suitable for quilt guilds, history classes, and other organizations.

Signature Quilts: Precious Memories
Friendship quilts brought precious memories to its recipients. There were many varieties of signature quilts, those made for friends traveling to far away places and quilts made for weddings, births, deaths and fundraising purposes. Quilt historians look to these quilts as personal histories with beautiful stories. Learn research techniques and how to enjoy the past through signature quilts.

Voices from the Past: Quilts and Soddies
The sod house experience is revealed through the journals of women who homesteaded the American West. The presenter will arrive in period costume. Presentation is 45 minutes to an hour and is suitable for quilters and general audiences of all ages.

For more information or to schedule a show, contact the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum office at 303-215-9001, Monday–Thursday 9:30am–4:00pm or email us at

Hosting organizations 50 miles or more outside the Denver area will be asked to provide lodging for the speaker.

Current Exhibits
RMQM's Red & Green Beauties
and The Hari Walner Memorial Exhibit - A Tribute to Hari B. Walner

Membership has Benefits
Members gain free entry to exhibits throughout the year. Free admission to Sunday at the Museum lectures, discounts on gift shop purchases, and more! 

Upcoming Events
Sunday at the Museum will resume in FEBRUARY! 
Stay tuned for the 2022 lineup of speakers.

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