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Support The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is able to pursue the dream of our founder, Eugenia Mitchell, thanks in a large part to the generosity of individuals, organizations, businesses, and foundations who embrace and support our mission to enrich people’s lives through the art and history of American quilts.

These gifts support the museum’s exhibits, education, and outreach, as well as acquiring and caring for quilts in our collection.

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

For Giving Made Easy, Donate Online!

Message from our Executive Director,

This year your support is needed more than ever!  One of our large grant organizations that has funded RMQM for many years fell short this year, which has resulted in a $70K deficit in needed funds  used for operating expenses. We hope that you can increase your level of giving this year to help with this loss.

RMQM began with humble beginnings when 90 year old, Eugenia Mitchell, realized her dream when the doors opened in a one-room office space in downtown Golden.  Since that time, 33 years ago, RMQM has grown and now owns 2 of the 5 building condo units  in the building located at 200 Violet Street in Golden, CO. 

RMQM’s future goals focus on the purchase of the remaining 3 building condos, turning the entire building into a large quilt complex.  This would enable RMQM to add and enlarge more exhibition areas, create a large education and meeting space for classes and local groups, increase the storage area for the 850+ quilts that the museum maintains and increase the gift shop area.   While this is a lofty goal, we were once told that purchasing our own building was not achievable.  Look at us now!   Just like our founder, we won’t stop until we fulfil our dream. 
 I often ponder what Eugenia would think if she could see how her dream has grown from that original small one-room facility, to a nationally and internationally known quilt museum.  She would surely be impressed that RMQM was recognized by USA Today as one of the top three quilt museums in the country, dedicated solely to the collection of quilts. If she knew of all the people we have introduced and educated about quilts throughout the years, I am sure she would be proud!

Whether you are a member, visitor, one of our many wonderful volunteers, exhibitor, quilt collector or just love quilts, staff or board member, you have been an integral part of the success of this museum.  You have helped us grow, for which we are grateful. Thank you to ALL.

                                                                                                         Karen Roxburgh
Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday Dec. 5th
Schedule your donation today - you don't have to wait!
Visit our Colorado Gives Page.

RMQM's annual drive for donations is underway, just in time for your end of year tax deductible donations. Our goals for 2024 are included on our Colorado Gives page
and we would love your help in seeing them happen.

Did you know you can magnify your giving efforts, by inviting others to join you? It really is pretty simple. 
RMQM's Colorado Gives page allows you to use a template we set up, to easily create your own RMQM Fundraising Page.  Click on Fundraising and you will be taken to the
template.  Customize it or leave it as is- then submit it. We will publish it for you - then you can post it on your Facebook or Social Media and email your friends with a link, so your friends and family can gift you by supporting something dear to you.

Have an unwanted vehicle?  Donate your car, motorhome, trailer, motorcycle to Vehicles for Charity with Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum as your designated organization recipient for proceeds from the sale.

The Donation Process

The process is quite simple and can usually be completed within five to ten days.

  • The initial inquiry, in the form of a phone call or completion of our online donation form, takes only five to ten minutes.
  • The donation is credited to the affiliate account.
  • The donor is instructed to remove the license plates from the vehicle and sign the title prior to pick-up.
  • Vehicle pick-up is scheduled with the tow company.
  • Depending on the condition of the vehicle, it is either taken to an auction for sale or to an auto crusher for recycling purposes.
  • A donation acknowledgement as well as a thank you letter is mailed within 30 days following the sale of the vehicle per IRS requirements (upon receipt of a negotiable title).

Vehicles for Charity accepts automobiles, trucks, vans, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, tractors, boats and trailers. Some vehicles are not accurately represented however, and will not sell at an auction. Those vehicles are delivered to an auto recycler or salvage company, either of which pays a set amount for the vehicle regardless of condition.

  • It is important that you contact your state Department of Motor Vehicles in order to find out how to properly notify them that you have sold the vehicle and transfer liability.
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Current Exhibits
Main Gallery:
25 Years of Scraps
19th Century Patchwork Divas

Northeast Gallery:
Diana Fox Solo Exhibit
Outside the Frame's Edge

Membership has Benefits
Members gain free entry to exhibits throughout the year, free admission to Sunday at the Museum events, discounts on gift shop purchases, and more!

Sunday at the Museum
2nd Sunday of most months | 2 pm
January - No SAM / Exhibit Installation
February 2 - Men's Exhibitor's Panel
024 Schedule is being prepared  - Watch for more details to come.

Contact Us:

Phone:      303-277-0377
Address:  200 Violet Street, Suite 140
                  Golden, CO 80401
Hours:      Monday - Saturday 10-4pm
                  Sunday - 11-4pm
Closed Major Holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day & Easter Sunday. (early closings the day before at 2pm)
Holiday Hours may be different.