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Family Quilt Heirlooms - How to preserve or donate?

We have quilts that we don't know what to do with. Some need repair, some are in beautiful condition, but very old. Is there someone who can preserve, repair them? Can we donate them?

RMQM gets some form of this question a couple times a week. Quite honestly, it is almost impossible to answer without seeing the quilts, and helping you understand the real situation with each one. Some quilts may look in very poor condition, but something unique about them makes them worth the museum having them for educational purposes. Other quilts are in great condition, but a pattern or style that was very common, therefore they are not unique - although they may have great sentimental value to your family.

The best way to deal with the situation of heirloom quilts is to call and make an appointment with our Executive Director to review them. She can then give you some recommended options that you can select from. If any of the quilts are ones you might want to donate, they will be reviewed by the Collection Committee to determine how the museum would best use them to fulfill our mission. 

If you want to make an appointment with Karen, our Executive Director, to review some quilts- Call the office at 303-215-9001 and request the appointment. Wednesdays and Thursdays are generally the best days for these appointments.

How do I donate some quilts or fabric? What will they be used for?

When quilts or fabric is donated, it is then reviewed by several different committees. Some quilts may be considered for our collection, while others and some fabrics may go to our education department, to be used in classes and lectures. Some items may be appropriate for either our Annual Fabric & Friends Auction  Fundraiser or to be sold in the Gift Shop. Other items will go into our Garage Sale fundraiser to find a new home with another quilter or hobbiest.

If you are looking to have a valuation provided for your quilt, this is best done by contacting a professional quilt appraiser.  No one at RMQM can provide you a value for your donations, whether it is books, notions, fabric or a quilt.  This is against acceptable museum practices nationwide.

Donations are regularly taken at the Gift Shop during normal business hours. If you have something unique that you are unsure of, you might want to make an appointment to have it reviewed before you decide.

If you want to make an appointment with Karen, our Executive Director, to review some quilts, call the office at 303-215-9001 and request an appointment. Wednesdays and Thursdays are generally the best days for these appointments.  Just remember, while we are happy to talk to you about your quilts we are not able to give you a value.

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