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American Quilt Study Group (AQSG) Presents "Civil War Era Quilts" & "Pagtinabangay: Quilts of Caohagen Island"

Open from July 24 - October 21, 2017
Opening Reception - Friday, July 28th * 6 - 8pm

The American Quilt Study Group (AQSG) completed a Quilt Study in 2014 which resulted in a collection of reproduction Civil War Quilts. The biennial Quilt Studies have become a popular part of the American Quilt Study Group’s activities. Participation is a voluntary undertaking by AQSG members. Responding to a selected theme, a quilt is created which is copied from, or inspired by, an existing antique quilt. Each participant is asked to provide an image of their inspiration and write a statement about what was learned through the process of creating their own quilt.

In the 2014 Quilt Study, each inspiration quilt was required to be identifiable as a Civil War Quilt, defined as a quilt made between the years 1850-1865. It was up to each participant to determine their own construction methods for their projects based upon information available about the original quilt. The Study Quilts were limited to a 200” perimeter.  This exhibit will be curated by Joy Swartz.


To witness how the art of quilting can be both the cultural and economic focal point of an entire community, the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (http://www.rmqm.org) presents the “Quilts of Caohagan” exhibit. The quilts in this exhibit were all made by over 100 quilters on the tiny island of Caohagan in the Philippines. The quilters on the island work daily to produce quilts that are sold abroad.  The income from quilt sales makes up 1/3 of the entire revenue of the island.  The work of these extraordinary quilters ultimately funds food, education, housing, and other community necessities. 

On a journey through Southeast Asia and Japan, author and quilter Dana Jones experienced the tropical splendor of Caohagan and its quilting community firsthand. Her forthcoming book, “Small Miracle of a Southern Island: The Quilts and Quiltmakers of Caohagan Island,” details these experiences, with a focus on how quilting has become an integral part of the island’s economy.

“I was compelled to write this book by the many quilts I saw on Caohagan Island, each one a marvel of artistic expression,” says Jones. “They are unique, they are beautiful and they are art that comes from the lives and visions of the island’s quiltmakers. I was intrigued by how quiltmaking started on the island through Junko Yoshikawa’s approach to teaching, which she prefers to see as mentoring as she works alongside the men and women who have taken up the art form. I was equally inspired by the quiltmakers’ stories, lives and supportive community. For a visiting quilt enthusiast, Caohagan is truly paradise.”

Distinctive is an apt descriptor for the quilts of Caohagan Island. The colors and patterns evoke the tropical environs, while the handicraft is of the highest caliber. Another unique aspect of all Caohagan’s quilts is that each one is washed in the sea and line-dried in radiant sunlight. The results are quilts that evoke a far-away place but retain a human touch to which anyone who views them can relate.

Part of a seven-island atoll, Caohagan is home to just 600 permanent residents. About 100 of these residents are quilters.  The income from the sale of these quilts is a key to the island’s sustainability.  Jones points out that while residents still face challenges, togetherness and appreciation for the small pleasures in life have proven to be a powerful bond. “You’ll smile, even laugh, at these whimsical and beautiful quilts, each of them one of a kind,” adds Jones.

Current Exhibitions
Under the Western Sun & Quilting the Wild West
April 24 - July 22, 2017

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